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BodyPeace Yoga

If you've been to any classes that I guide, you will notice the pace is often different from other Yoga classes. Taking things slowly gives the nervous system an opportunity to restore the body to a more harmonious and calmer sensed experience.

As a guide, I like to remind you that you are your own teacher. When following instructions, if something doesn't feel right, stop. Allow your body to find a sense of ease. We have often been taught to push through. While helpful in some circumstances, it is not necessarily so in movement explorations.

Because that's what we are doing. We are explorers and the terrain we are navigating is our one precious body. What we are capable of in the realm of movement changes not just year to year, but also day by day. Take it easy and find the joy that slow subtle movement can bring.


Spiritual Guidance & Mentoring

Is it time to connect with your inner knowing and bring forward your gifts?


Whether you're looking for a tune up, want to get your business off the ground, feel stuck in your day to day experience or feel a deep call to change, Spiritual Mentoring may be a worthy exploration.

Inspired thought and intuition lead the way as we forge an awareness of the path you're on and the opportunities to chart a new route.

Consider me a guide along your journey.


Mountainous Landscape


AUG 31 - SEP 3, 2024

The Spiritual Retreat that brings Teachers & Seekers together in one breathtaking destination

Spiritual Coaching
BodyPeace Yoga
Heath, Beauty & Wellness

Health, Beauty & Wellness


Independent Consultant | Sandra Gail Pierson | Exec Area Manager


Healthy living to improve MIND. BODY. SKIN.

We believe in a holistic approach to beauty, health and wellbeing, focusing on the whole

person to help them flourish inside and out.

Our philosophy embraces the connection between a healthier mind, stronger body and

more beautiful skin. We innovate using premium plant-based ingredients grounded in

science and clinical research with high standards for safety. We collaborate with

holistic experts and our passionate community for new products and education.


Arbonne products are Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Formulated Gluten-free.*




Meet Sandra Gail

Sandra Gail is interested in enhancing well-being, exploring possibilities and discovering insights to enjoy a more fulfilling life. Her grounded spirituality can guide and empower others to express their own unique gifts more fully.

By honoring what is present physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually a greater sense of balance comes into being. As we develop this capacity, we open a depth of trust that acts like a compass, guiding and directing us. Our choices then can come from a potent sense of connection.


Sandra Gail has always been a teacher. Her calling is steeped in metaphysics and supported by life experience and studies. She's a mother and grandmother, yoga teacher, mentor and an intuitive sensitive.

She has served as a Spiritual Leader and interim Minister for New Thought Communities.

You can often find her on a yoga mat, exploring somatic movement and breathing slowly.

Her mantra is: "I get to have this life❣️"



Sandra Gail is a valued spiritual advisor. I've gained so much clarity and insight on my life and who I am from having her as a touchstone. I could not recommend life coaching with her more!!


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